My Vase Overfloweth


We have an amazing client who offers us a good deal of business and the opportunity to play with expensive flowers and larger than normal arrangements that one in Weiser-Po-Dunk, Idaho would ever get their hands on.   They are particular – they demand quality.  They are willing to pay for my talent.  That makes me smile when I type it.  It’s an interesting gig.  They are beyond millionaires and own a home in our area.  We never know when to expect them.  They have a private jet and come into town for a break every so often.   They are amazingly nice, practical people.   As practical as gamilionaires can be. Their wealth is incomprehensible to me.  I can only assess that the Lord is blessing me with this amazing account.   These are some of the projects I have worked on for them.  I am super thankful that when the income from these flowers are rebounded I am going to be able to pay a lot of bills.  I am so relieved!!!


The above picture is an aerial shot of the centerpiece below.  It was about 16-18″ tall, I think.  Yellow calla lily’s, stargazers, roses, hypericum, buplerum, asiatic lily’s, stock, freesia, snapdragons and waxflower…  I am so overly annoyed that I didn’t get a “real” after picture.  We filled in the holes with standard sized yellow roses after I took the picture.  You can pretend it’s perfect.


This is an online arrangement of 1-800-Flowers I was inspired by – shape on the one above and flowers/color on the one below it.




This is a silk wreath that measured about 4′ wide.


This was the single-most expensive centerpiece I have ever made:


The next two are part of the same arrangement, but different sides.



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