In my ladies Bible study we are reviewing the names of God in the Old Testament.  I really wanted Jehovah Rapha – the character of God that we call on for healing.  I got Adonai.  The Lord.  I wanted healing, but instead I got owned.  Literally.

Adonai implies a master and slave relationship.  In Abraham’s time, slavery was common and acceptable.  It was a tangible experience Abraham had that enabled him to be the first in the Bible to address God as Master.  He understood that he was God’s, just as Eliezer was his.  When the slave becomes a “bond servant” as Eliezer with Abraham, the slave gives complete ownership of their lives to their Master.  They work diligently and faithfully.  Their master has the obligation to provide everything they need to do the work He has for them, whether that is direction, supplies, or support.  He also provides shelter, protection, provision of any needs, and invites His servants into His spiritual blessing.  In this perception of master and slave, God’s complete ownership meets his servant’s complete submission and it is a very good place to be for all involved.

As you can see from my messy description of “Adonai,” I literally wanted the God of healing and I got God my Master.  Yeah, I see what  you did there, God.  Well played.  I heard a blip from Kathy Ireland on KTSY last week and I really felt it applied to this kind of relationship.  I think the application of Adonai is expressed beautifully in her testimony.

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