Enunciated the way I enunciate, that title would sound like “add -oh- nye  eye eye.”  Goofy.

Maybe I should change it to “Adonai Jr.” or “Adonai Part Two.”  Too late.  Already two lines into my blog intro.  It’s staying.


The other day I wrote briefly on the meaning of Adonai.  I’ve been challenging myself to answer some deep questions about God as my Master and me as His slave.  It’s been a pretty eye opening process.  I’ve got three lists going so far, but I can sense this relief within me that I want to reflect on. Relief.  In being owned.  

When the lovely Tharesa presented her lesson on “El Shaddai,”  I wasn’t sure I understood the whole concept.  My brain was totally distracted by all of the translations and languages and tons of words I had never heard before.  I felt overwhelmed.  We were in a small group and able to work through the meaning of El Shaddai as “God Almighty and All-Sufficient.”  It’s still difficult to wrap my mind around this side of His character.

I started studying Adonai in this same way.  A little lost.  As I’ve studied and chewed on this concept, I realize how attracted my soul is to Adonai!  I can be a great servant!  I know how to work hard and I’m willing to do what it is He wants me to do.  The part that fascinates me the most, is the realization of a loving Master supplying – by obligation – everything the slave needs to do what the Master needs done.  My heart keeps repeating a phrase I often fall back on – “Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are.”  His grace is tangible and sufficient in our everyday lives.

“He meets you where you are” has never been more relevant to me. I feel like I am meeting Him for the first time again.  Accepting Him as Master.  I can’t figure out the love and trust thing, yet, but I can take a huge step by starting where I am.  There is so much love and trust to be found in a righteous Master.  I love these experiences where we get to see breakthroughs in our spiritual development!

Out of the brains of Dana, and prayerfully prompted by the powah of the Holy Spirit, my lists and random thoughts on Adonai.

Oh wait…  one of the key scriptures in the New Testament is Luke 6:46.  Jesus says why do you call me your Master and not do what I say?  He says the guy who does what he says is like the one who builds there house on the rock.  When the storm hits, the house is fine.  The one who doesn’t do what God says is like the doof who builds a hut on the sand and when the wind strikes, his house and everything he has is destroyed.  Where is your foundation?  Is it in Christ?  The deeper we can sink our heels into Him now, the easier it will be for us to process a trial.  The crazy part about this foundation is that it is two fold – this foundation is not just for protection from storms, suffering and pain, but to enhance and strengthen your everyday relationship with the Lord. Serving Him everyday with what you have, where you are, the best you can.  

I know you’re on pins and needles.  Here it goes:

Sheet 1

  • How am I building my foundation?
  • How is he my master?
  • How am I his slave?

Tithe, Identity, Blogs, Teen ministry involvement, ladies Bible study, church attendance, devotional time, daily Bible study, prayer, disciplined with my tax payments, accepting consequences, business – gifts, quality of work, honesty, teaching my children His ways.

Sheet 2

What kind of slave do I want to be?

Excited, hard working, devoted, trusting, accepting, joyful, honest, willing, brought into the family, loved.

What kind of slave have I been?

Offended easily, unforgiving, unforgetting, untrusting, questioning, worried, afraid, anxious, tired, disappointed, angry, mad, bitter.

God as master PROVIDES PROTECTION, PROVISION, and EVERYTHING his slave needs to do the job he has for them.

Cat scratch on the back of Sheet 1 

I think I’ve finally learned to appreciate his ownership.  Recognizing what I cannot change and what is in my control.  Not quite sure how to articulate what I think about His craftsmanship, though.

Sheet 3

How do I respond to my Master?  

  • I’m ungrateful.  I haven’t been thankful enough for the gift of my mother, sister, husband and kids.  Toby is my super hero and provides protection, safety, and comfort through the grace of God.  I need to honor this more.  
  • I’m disappointed.  I dislike the product He made in me.  I lose lope and faith that he will actually provide.  
  • I sin.  Gossip, Low self-worth, control, not trusting, not giving forgiveness, harbor bitterness and resentment, to name a few.
  • I’m disobedient.  I don’t do all the Bible says is right.  I choose myself and my wants over God’s.
  • Am I afraid?  Of what?  Pain, punishment, embarrassment, rejection, failure, shame, falling.
  • I question Him.
  • I don’t accept blessings and victory’s as His.
  • I find it liberating that I am working for “free.”  Accept the whole Jesus on a cross thing.  I am such a jerkface.  I don’t like feeling like I owe him.  Why?
  • I work hard for Him.  I want Him to say “Well done my good and faithful servant.”  I make messes, but I try.  I love that Shawna reminded me that He knows my heart.
  • The will of God – be joyful always, pray continually, and give thanks in all circumstances.  This is God’s WILL for you in Christ Jesus.  Is that really it?


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