Good links to good things that I have found helpful in my spiritual, emotional, and physical walks of life.  I hope they are mutually beneficial to others.

  • Max Lucado’s book “Anxious For Nothing” added both everyday wisdom, Biblical wisdom, and fresh perspective on my travels.  I appreciated the audible version of the book.  Although I am feeling less anxiety in my daily life than I have in previous years, I feel the book helps with depression, fear, and worry in addition to acute or generalized anxiety.
  • “How to Develop a Powerful Prayer Life – The Biblical Path to Holiness and Relationship with God” by Dr. Gregory R Frizzell, changed my life.  My prayer life.  My spiritual life.  It was a gift from a friend, I didn’t seek it out nor did I know how much I needed it.  I thought I was prayin’ just fine.  It was the first study I did on prayer three or four years ago and it changed how I pray, why I pray, the strategy of prayer, and the intensity of my time with God.  I have since read other books on prayer that follow the same concepts taught in this book, but I gotta give credit where credit was first due, and that is to this little gem.