• Turning a New Leaf – The Scriptures

    As I’ve been circling this blog in prayer it has built itself into something almost tangible.  Something possible.  I think grinding forward in the Word is the reason I’ve progressed.  It is my goal to saturate myself in scriptures and to share that process with readers as an essential portion of my ministry in writing.… Read more

  • Turning a New Leaf

    May 2023 If the condition of my heart is any indication of what type of soil I might be, I’d be the clay hard, tricky to shovel, filled with rock and grit, impossible to hydrate, bad place to hide a murdered body kind.  I seriously saw a true crime documentary where the murderers did not… Read more

  • It’s always the last place you look.

    I’ve spent a good portion of my day looking for lost stuff.  It’s my stuff and I’m the one who lost it, or I’d be more irritated. I’m at the point in my life that I am busy enough to be a bit overwhelmed and I become so scatterbrained that we are lucky I don’t… Read more

  • The Other Last Time

    The last time I wrote on this blog, I was putting the flower shop up for sale – someone was interested! It was unexpected and not a true real estate listing. The other last time, I did have it listed, not this last last time. The sale fell through, the other last time. I don’t… Read more

  • I sit here in my backroom at the flower shop, a little bit anxious.  A lot bit anxious.  I can’t quite focus on any one project.  I drift back and forth from fresh to silk flower stems, organizing “stuff,” and doing deliveries. The root of my anxiety lies in one very specific place.  I have… Read more

  • 2020

    Here we are.  It is the year 2020. And, I just turned 40. There is something to be said for aging, growing, and living in our world.  I drove today.  Slow.  I drove and drove.  I went past Baker and into mountains I’d never seen and got lost on a muddy snow covered road in… Read more

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